Israel Power Cord

Power Cord Notes: Israel Type I power cords are black ,white as standard color. Israel power cords in gray or other color,Custom length and shielded Israel power cords available. Terminated, custom stripping, hanked Israel cords available. IEC 60320 C-15 120⁰C connector available on some Israel power cords. Israel detachable power cords and power supply cords supplied by Desan. meets Israel specific standards and current REACH and RoHS requirements. Type I terminology, indicated above for Israel power cord plugs, is an alphabetical letter classification coding system used primarily for quickly identifying the electrical configuration of plugs, receptacles and power cords sets used in Israel.Israel power cord products with SII certification are manufactured to SI32 and IEC standards,designed for Israel power cord applications,We are producing Israel power cords in standard configurations and can make any custom version as well. Fully molded with high quality cords with RoHS and REACH compliant as China leading Israel power cords manufacturer and supplier .